Humanitarian Aid

The humanitarian crisis in Nicaragua has reached unprecedented levels of need with 1/3 of the population requiring some form of basic assistance to survive. The human, socioeconomic and political crisis is a major risk factor which is jeopardizing progress. With food deprivation on the rise, we need a great deal of support to tackle the challenges we face and we must overcome to achieve our objectives. We are in need of urgent collaboration from every one  to safeguard the progress achieved so far.
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Health & Nutrition

More than half of the population worldwide suffers from one type of malnutrition or another. Malnutrition kills ten children per minute globally. Malnutrition affects every aspect of a child’s development. It compromises their physical and cognitive capabilities. It interferes on the development of the society as a whole and contributes to persistent poverty.
HTHF helps in circumstances where children’s health is at risk, especially to those in stages of growth by monitoring the nutrition and weight indicator. HTHF partially attends nurseries and medical dispensaries which are linked to the Franciscan community in the in the Diocese of Matagalpa.
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There are many different ways you can select to become a sponsor or you can sponsor a cause that touches your heart. The sponsorship program is currently in the evaluation stage for peripheral neighborhoods  of Matagalpa.
We have identified various areas or aspects of people living in poverty, which can be immediately addressed to help improve their lives and mitigate their suffering.
HTHF is 100% funded, we cannot do it without your support. Give yourself the chance to experience the joy of giving, without expecting anything in return. Nothing could be more rewarding than helping a  fellow human being who is in desperate need of assistance.
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