Fr. Gregorio Wierzba/ Board Member /Honduras / Spiritual director

Fr. Gregorio Wierzba C.F.R. – Franciscan Religious Priest originally from Poland. In addition to his theological studies, he studied psychology at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. He lived in the United States from 2005 to 2007, then in Ireland, England and in Nicaragua. He is currently stationed in Comayagua, Honduras providing spiritual direction through ongoing retreats. He is dedicating his life to the service of the needy, poor and the teaching of the Diocesan Seminary.


Christianne Pratt-DeWolfe is the Founder and President of Florida Imports Customhouse Brokers, Inc. This corporation has been operating in South Florida since 1998. She has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.) major in Finance and a minor in International Business from Florida International University(FIU), Miami, Florida. She contributed to the Franciscans Sisters who offer assistance to children and their families in need for many years. Her deep love and compassion for the needy and hungry lead her into organizing Hearts Touching Heart Foundation, Inc. This charity organization has enabled her to make a greater impact by reaching out to more children and their families in need of assistance.


Amanda Pratt-Perez worked as an Administrator in the Dade County Election Department for 12 years. She is semi-retired and she is currently working as a Realtor Associate for Keller Williams Realty. Mandy has helped the Franciscan Sisters for many years and she has provided support to other causes as well. Christianne and Mandy were both moved by the same feeling of love and mercy towards the Nicaraguan families living in inhumane conditions. Their passion to help those in need has been a powerful and pivotal force to work towards the goals and objectives established by Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation, Inc.

Chief-Operating Officer/COO

Dunia Aguilar She has a degree in Filology/Germanistic from the University of Seville, Spain. She is a tremendous resource to HTHF. Her value as our Chief-Operating Officer can’t be overstated. She finds very rewarding and fulfilling to  help others. Not only she reduces costs through her work, but provides better help, because of her passion for the organization’s mission.

Terence Picardo - Board Member/ New York
Board Member/ New York

Terence Picardo is the North American Head of a cross border business in a global financial institution. Terence has over two decades of professional experience within the finance industry and is supporting Hearts Touching Hearts with various strategic initiatives to directly benefit those that are most in need in developing nations.

Terence is a graduate of Bernard M. Baruch College where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. He resides in New York City, where he enjoys volunteering with various charitable organizations, hiking and freediving.


Mrs. Thelma Reyes is currently retired. She is dedicating her time and effort to work for Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation. She was the corporate officer of a non-profit organization which helped the needy in Nicaragua for over approximately two decades. She received an award by the Lions Club in Miami, Florida on May 13th, 2000, for her altruistic personality and her great commitment to help the needy.

Volunteer Coordinator / Costa Rica

Karla Pereira holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and Advertising. During her professional career she had the opportunity to work as a Microsoft partner in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. She cooperated with the academic sector to license their software. This was a very rewarding experience for her, since it enabled schools with limited resources to have legal access to technology. She is currently retired.

She was passionate to help the less fortunate since she was an adolescent. During her free time, she used to teach children and women living in precarious economic conditions. While keeping in touch with her cousins Amanda and Christianne, she saw an opportunity to continue spreading her love and dedication towards helping people in need through joining Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation.


Volunteer Coordinator / Florida

Thelma Pratt-Fernandez works as a therapist/counselor for the Broward County School District. She has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Master Degree in Mental Health from Florida International University(FIU), Miami, Florida. She is responsible for overseeing volunteer activities within the organization.

Our group of Volunteers in Nicaragua

Our amazing group of volunteers in Nicaragua are the ones who get the actual work done. This group of people are actively and directly involved in putting into effect all the programs offered by Hearts Touching Hearts Foundation. All our volunteers in Nicaragua are a blessing to this organization, but they also are blessed. They work directly with the children and their families.

They are able to see the reward of the work we do at this organization. They experience firsthand the joy of the children during a Christmas Celebration. They hear the words of gratitude expressed by the parents when their children go to school and receive medical assistance. The appreciation expressed by our benefactors is a joy that keeps and motivates our volunteers to continue working hard to help our brothers and sisters in need of a helping hands.

Our group of Volunteers in Miami

Volunteering is the only job in this world whose reward you will reap for the rest of your life. Our group of volunteers love helping out. Compassion purely motivates their actions. Volunteers donate the most precious thing they have, their time and their talent. We feel blessed by having our wonderful group of volunteers who are the greatest asset for this non-profit organization.